The 2017 Hermetic Library Survey

Thank you for your thoughts and suggestions about the Hermetic Library.

The 2017 survey is now closed.
How did you first hear about Hermetic Library?

When did you first start using the Hermetic Library?

Founded in 1996, the Hermetic Library was active until around 2000. The site was all but dormant from 2000–2009, with only rare updates on a couple of guest sites. I took over curation and creation of content as the Librarian on September 2009. At the end of 2016 / beginning of 2017, the site went through a massive redesign, from which there's still dust and chaos, but moved the site from hand-crafted static pages into a content management system.

How do you follow Hermetic Library?

When you're on the library site, do you come looking for a specific resource or do you wander around looking at everything?

How do you find what you are initially looking for on the library site?

Once you're on the site, how do you navigate?

How would you describe yourself to someone if you found out they also used the Hermetic Library?

How would you describe yourself to someone in the time it takes to go one floor in an elevator?
How would you feel if you could no longer use Hermetic Library?

Tell me more about your previous answer. What would not having access to Hermetic Library mean to you?

Is Hermetic Library your primary, go-to site for the information and services I provide?

Would you use an alternative if Hermetic Library were no longer available? Which one?

What have you enjoyed the most about the services provided by the Hermetic Library?

How would you describe Hermetic Library to someone else?

What type of person do you think would benefit the most from the Hermetic Library?

How can I improve the Hermetic Library to better meet your needs?

Is there a something else you'd like to say to me about your experience with the Hermetic Library?

Have you actively participated in the work of Hermetic Library?

Which of these have you participated in?

Of all the ways possible, or any thoughts about ways that don't yet exist, what would be the best way for you to actively participate?

Is Hermetic Library worth your active financial support?

Are all the resources and services provided by the library worth at least $1/month to you?

If you could add one resource or service to the library that would make it even more worthy of your active financial support, what would that be?

Thank you for taking the time to respond to this survey!

If you've offered your email address so I can reach you, I'll be in contact shortly.

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