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Thank you for your interest creating new art or writing for Hermetic Library!
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You're probably already familiar with the library and the blog, but if not you should be sure to get an idea of what the library is all about before making a pitch.


Consider taking a gander at the submissions guidelines for the Anthology Journal for some general idea of what submissions might look like.


I've also described the process of process of moving from making a pitch, developing a submission, compensating you, and, finally, publishing your work for the public audience of the library to read.


This pitch process is for new written or visual work. If you've got existing work you'd like to submit, please consider the Hermetic Library Zine instead.


Submissions to the zine need no particular topic, theme, style, or soever. New and old written and visual material is welcome. If you'd like you participate, just get in contact with the librarian.


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Tell me a bit about yourself and your interests related to the subject matter of the library, and what's your relationship to the library?
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What's your idea for the submission you'd like to pitch? What is the subject matter focus of your pitch idea? What section of the library would this pitch idea be related to? Is this an article, a review, or something else?
Why is this topic important?

Why is this idea important to you, personally?
What's your plan for writing this?

Give me an idea how you will develop your topic in your submission to reach your goals for the piece
Why will the audience of the library love your submission?

Give me an idea why you think the library audience will find your submission important and compelling
Let's talk about compensation and what happens next!

If we decide to go ahead and develop your pitch into a submission, your subsequent submission will be reviewed for potential publication.

I'll respond to you that your submission is accepted, be revised and resubmitted, or has been rejected. I may also have notes for you if there's feedback for you from the review process.

For submissions that are accepted for publication, I happily offer thanks. I'm also delighted to send you a gratis download code for any one of the released anthology albums.

For work accepted to the blog, I currently offer an honorarium of $20. For established reviewers, I am happy to see about getting a reviewer's copy sent to you in advance as your compensation instead.

Finally, if there's something else you've got in mind, or an idea I've not mentioned, let me know!
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Thanks so much for interest in writing for Hermetic Library!

Once I get a chance to gander at your pitch, I'll get in touch as soon as I can to follow up with you personally.

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